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Having an aquarium can be a fun and rewarding experience. At The Fish House & Aquarium Services, we provide all the products and services you need to take good care of your finned friends. We have over a decade of experience in aquarium maintenance and fish care. As a result, we can guide you to the products that suit your fish perfectly, and bring your dream to life!

Trust a family owned and operated aquarium service to help you keep your pet fish healthy and happy in South West Florida. Call 239-202-6027 now to inquire about our inventory.

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No matter what you need, we're the fish hobbyist aquarium service provider that can make it happen. Come to us for:

  • Aquariums
  • Corals
  • Water filters
  • Freshwater fish
  • Saltwater fish
  • Exotic fish

We also offer aquarium setup and maintenance services. Call us today to get the products and services you need here in South West Florida.

Looking for a certain type of fish?

We keep a variety of freshwater and saltwater fish on hand. We can also place a special order to get you that special type of fish you want. No matter what you need for your aquarium, from fish to accessories, we can supply it for you.

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